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Felony Warrants

Resolve felony warrants and related criminal charges with help from skilled defense attorney Donald B. Serafano.

Is there a felony warrant out for your arrest? You may be getting very tired of living in fear, worried that every time you step outside you could be arrested and taken to jail. You may feel tempted to run, but this is actually the worst thing you could do right now.

Running will not make your felony warrant go away. In fact, running from the law will only make the situation worse. By avoiding police apprehension, you could easily end up facing much more severe consequences than would have applied had you voluntarily appeared before the court.

Here’s what you need to do instead:

Call Donald B. Serafano for help.

Attorney Serafano understands that you may be very nervous and even frightened about the prospect of turning yourself in following a felony warrant for your arrest. He will do everything in his power to reduce the stress and fear associated with felony warrants, arranging for your self-surrender to take place in a controlled and safe environment.

Many Felony Warrants Can Be Resolved without Jail Time

Depending on the particulars of your situation, you may be able to go directly to court with Attorney Serafano to clear your felony warrants. During the hearing, the judge will either set bail or release you on your own recognizance. Either way, it is highly likely that you will not have to spend any time in jail if you self-surrender on a felony warrant with help from Attorney Serafano. This is very different from the treatment you would receive if you just waited for the police to arrest you!

Get a Strong Defense to Underlying Criminal Charges

In order for a felony warrant to be issued, a judge must be convinced that there is probable cause to justify your arrest for an alleged crime. Because police already have evidence against you, it is highly likely that you will soon face prosecution for that crime.

Fortunately, Donald B. Serafano can not only assist you with your felony warrant; he can also help you build the strongest possible defense to the criminal charges related to that warrant. As a former DA and prosecutor, Attorney Serafano knows the law and criminal procedure in detail, and he will exploit this knowledge to your benefit as your criminal defense attorney, working hard to get the charges against you dismissed, build a compelling defense argument to present at trial, or else secure a fair plea deal that will minimize the charges and penalties associated with your crime.

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