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Accused of embezzlement? Don’t delay in retaining a skilled attorney like Donald B. Serafano to protect your rights and interests.

You definitely do not have to be a criminal mastermind stealing huge sums of money to get accused of embezzlement. In fact, the vast majority of embezzlement crimes involve ordinary people and relatively minor incidents. After all, any time a person fraudulently takes money or property entrusted to them, they can be charged with embezzlement.

Get the Right Defense Strategy for Your Embezzlement Case

Given the variety of incidents that can give rise to embezzlement charges, it is extremely important to find an embezzlement defense attorney who can provide a personalized defense tailored to the specifics of your particular case. Donald B. Serafano makes an excellent choice of defense attorney in this respect, since he takes great pride in providing personalized attention and representation to every client.

After many years of experience in criminal law—first as a prosecutor and DA and now as a defense attorney—Donald B. Serafano has a detailed understanding of the legal statutes and case law related to embezzlement. You can rest assured he will scrutinize all the evidence in your case to identify and implement the best possible strategy for your defense.

Now You May Wonder…

…When Is the Best Time to Call an Embezzlement Defense Attorney?

It is to your advantage to consult an embezzlement defense attorney as early in your case as possible. Do not wait to get arrested and/or charged! You can call Attorney Serafano as soon as you even suspect you are a person of interest in an embezzlement case. This will allow Attorney Serafano to protect your rights and interests during police questioning as well as provide ample time and opportunity to begin building a case for your defense. In fact, with early intervention by Attorney Serafano, it may even be possible to get the case against you dropped before charges are officially filed.

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