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Out of State DUI

Resolve out of state DUI charges quickly with help from Donald B. Serafano.

Nothing spoils your visit to California quite like getting arrested for a DUI. If you do not take action quickly, a DUI arrest in California will trigger the automatic suspension of your driving privileges in California, possible criminal penalties, plus possible actions against you in your home state under the Interstate Drivers License Compact.

Fortunately, you can turn to experienced DUI defense attorney Donald B. Serafano for help. Attorney Serafano understands every aspect of California DUI law and he knows all the best defense strategies for any type of DUI offense. Whether you are still in California or you have already left the state, Attorney Serafano will provide you with top-quality representation and detailed personal attention.

Request Your DMV Hearing ASAP

The very first thing you must do after an out of state DUI—besides calling Attorney Serafano of course—is contact the California DMV to request a hearing. This hearing will allow Attorney Serafano to challenge the automatic suspension of your driving privileges in California.

Requesting your hearing is important even if you never plan to drive in California again. Why? First of all, because some states will initiate their own actions against you if the California DMV suspension is allowed to proceed. Secondly, because the DMV hearing provides an invaluable opportunity for Attorney Serafano to preview the evidence against you in advance of the criminal proceeding that will soon arise from your DUI arrest.

Trust Attorney Serafano for a Compelling DUI Defense

Regardless of the outcome of your DMV hearing, criminal charges for DUI are still pending. Fortunately, you can rely on Donald B. Serafano to resolve this matter in the fastest and most favorable way possible so you can get on with your life after an out of state DUI.

After carefully examining all the evidence in your case, Attorney Serafano will advise you of your rights and options. If the evidence against you is weak, Attorney Serafano may be able to convince the DA to drop the charges against you. If the evidence against you is strong, a plea deal might be an advisable alternative to trial. Attorney Serafano will work hard to get you a deal that exposes you to the most lenient penalty possible. Of course, if the circumstances merit it, Donald B. Serafano is not afraid to defend your innocence in court. He has an excellent track record of securing beneficial results for his clients in and out of court.

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