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Multiple DUI’s

Protect yourself from increasing penalties for multiple DUIs by hiring an expert DUI defense attorney like Donald B. Serafano.

DUIs are “priorable” offenses, meaning that every time you are convicted, the penalties will increase. So if you are facing your second, third, or fourth DUI offense in 10 years, it is more important than ever to retain an experienced and knowledgeable DUI defense attorney to represent you.

With Donald B. Serafano as your DUI defense attorney, you can rest assured every possible option for your defense will be explored. Attorney Serafano’s first efforts will be directed towards identifying a strategy that could result in the current charges against you being dismissed entirely. If this is not possible due to the circumstances of your case, he will then focus his efforts on securing a plea deal that will expose you to the least possible penalty.

Penalties for Multiple DUIs

California law describes an increasingly harsh range of penalties for each DUI offense:

First DUI: 3-5 years of informal probation, up to 6 months in county jail, $390-$1,000 in fines, a 3 or 9 month drug/alcohol program, and a 6-10 month drivers license suspension

Second DUI: 3-5 years of informal probation, a minimum of 96 hours and a maximum of 1 year in county jail, $390-$1,000 in fines, 18 or 30 months of DUI school, and a 2 year drivers license suspension

Third DUI: 3-5 years of informal probation, a minimum of 120 days and a maximum of 1 year in county jail, $390-$1,000 in fines, 30 months of DUI school, a 3 year drivers license suspension, designation as a “habitual traffic offender” with the DMV, and installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle

Fourth DUI: Felony charges, 16 months or 2 to 4 years in state prison, $390-$1,000 in fines, “habitual traffic offender” status for 3 years, and a 4 year drivers license revocation

Sentence Enhancements: If you were driving 20mph over the speed limit, had a child under 14 in your vehicle, refused to take a chemical test, or had a BAC over 0.2, you can expect to face elevated penalties for your DUI.

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In many cases—especially for first and second DUI offenses—it is possible to secure alternative sentencing such as community service or work release that will save you from jail time. So don’t just give up on your case and assume you have to accept these serious penalties for multiple DUIs. Instead, contact the Law Offices of Donald B. Serafano at 949-929-6202 now, request a free consultation, and learn how we can help bring your case to the most favorable resolution possible.

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