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Felony DUI

Attorney Serafano is not intimidated by felony DUI charges. Trust him to fight aggressively for your rights and interests.

If you are being charged with a felony DUI, you may be extremely worried about the outcome of your case. After all, a felony DUI carries much harsher penalties than a misdemeanor DUI. You could face prison time, heavy fines, and the loss of your drivers license for several years.

Attorney Serafano Can Help Put Your Worries to Rest

Donald B. Serafano is an experienced DUI defense attorney with an excellent track record of helping clients secure beneficial outcomes in even the most challenging situations. With Attorney Serafano on the case, you can rest assured every available option will be explored for your defense, to protect you against the possibility of any unfair conviction or unduly harsh penalty.

We Handle All Kinds of Felony DUIs

There are three situations that could lead to a charge for a felony DUI:

  • A DUI associated with an accident causing injury or death
  • Having 3 or more prior California DUIs, wet reckless offenses, or out of state DUIs
  • Having a prior felony DUI

At the Law Offices of Donald B. Serafano, we know the best ways to handle all of these types of felony DUIs.

Now You May Wonder…

What If I Failed a Sobriety Test?

Don’t give up on your case just because you failed a sobriety test! Breathalyzer tests can give incorrect results for many reasons, such as operator error, equipment malfunction, or interference from certain health conditions you may have. Field sobriety tests are notoriously unreliable and easily challenged.

Attorney Serafano will not give up on your case. If there is any way to challenge the evidence against you and cast reasonable doubt on your guilt, he will find it. This may allow him to convince the DA to drop the case against you or provide the evidence needed to secure a victory in the court room.

If the evidence against you is strong, Attorney Serafano can still help by negotiating for a plea deal that may result in a reduced charge and/or reduced penalty.

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