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DUI Crimes

Arrested for DUI? Get a personalized and effective DUI defense strategy from Donald B. Serafano.

Being arrested for DUI can be a very confusing and upsetting experience. You might be feeling pretty powerless after getting dragged down to the police station and having your license confiscated based on laws you don’t really understand.

But the reality is…

…you are not powerless to fight back against DUI charges.

You just need an experienced DUI defense attorney like Donald B. Serafano to help you.

Donald B. Serafano is a skilled and passionate DUI defense attorney you can rely on to protect your rights and interests throughout every stage of a DUI proceeding. He knows your rights and he knows the laws. But most importantly, he knows the right approach to representing you given the particulars of your specific case.

Fight Back Against Automatic DMV Suspension

The first task Attorney Serafano will assist you with is requesting your DMV hearing. This hearing allows you to challenge the automatic suspension of your license that the DMV will otherwise impose within 30 days of your DUI arrest. You must request your hearing within 10 days of your arrest, or you will lose this valuable opportunity to defend yourself.

Attorney Serafano will review the evidence in your case for anything that could suggest that an automatic license suspension is not merited. After many successful years as a DUI attorney, Donald B. Serafano knows how to present the most compelling argument possible at your hearing and hopefully get the DMV to reinstate your license.

Start Building a Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges for DUI

Regardless of the outcome of your DMV hearing, you will face a separate criminal proceeding for your alleged DUI offense, with potential penalties and sanctions including jail time, fines, community service, points on your license, driving restrictions, and license suspension or revocation.

Fortunately, Donald B. Serafano will leave no stone unturned in the search for the best DUI defense strategy for your specific case. You can rely on him to provide top-quality legal representation and personalized attention every step of the way. Depending on the strength of the evidence against you, Attorney Serafano may be able to secure a dismissal of the charges, an acquittal at trial, or a favorable plea deal that will expose you to a more lenient penalty.

No DUI Case is Too Complicated for Donald B. Serafano

After serving as a prosecutor and a DA for many years before turning his hand to criminal defense, Attorney Serafano is intimately familiar with the complicated California DUI laws that apply to a wide range of offenses. He can use his knowledge of the law and of the court system to build the strongest possible defense against even the most complicated charges, including issues related to:

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