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Domestic Violence

Don’t face domestic violence charges alone—Donald B. Serafano will stand beside you as your domestic violence defense attorney.

Being accused of domestic violence can have a detrimental effect on your reputation. If you end up actually being arrested and convicted, obviously the damage will be that much worse. Fortunately, you can fight back against any kind of domestic violence accusation with help from Donald B. Serafano.

As your domestic violence defense attorney, Donald B. Serafano will stand behind you every step of the way as you work together with his experienced team to resolve your case in the most beneficial manner possible.

With early intervention from Attorney Serafano, it may even be possible to get the charges against you dropped before they result in an arrest, thus keeping the matter off your criminal record and minimizing the damage to your reputation. If you have already been arrested, Attorney Serafano can begin working to clear your name or else secure an advantageous plea deal.

Get The Right Defense Strategy for Your Case

After decades of experience, Donald B. Serafano knows California domestic violence laws in detail, and he also understands the proclivities of individual courts, DAs, and judges to a significant degree. This knowledge enables Attorney Serafano to identify and implement the best defense strategy for your specific case.

Our law office frequently handles the following common kinds of domestic violence charges:

No Case is Too Big or Too Small

Domestic violence cases can range from allegations of severe injuries to types of abuse that may not leave any physical injury at all. But every case can carry significant criminal penalties that you obviously want to avoid. At the Law Offices of Donald B. Serafano, we will fight aggressively to protect your rights and interests no matter how simple or how serious the charges against you may seem.

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