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Criminal Defense

Accused of a crime? Get immediate help from experienced criminal defense attorney Donald B. Serafano.

Donald B. Serafano spent many years working as a prosecutor and as a DA, and now he turns that intimate knowledge of the law, of criminal procedure, and of the prosecutor’s mindset around for his criminal defense clients’ benefit.

If you have been accused of any kind of criminal offense, you can rely on Attorney Serafano to be vigilant in protecting your rights and proactive in selecting the best legal strategy for your particular case.

Some of the key areas of criminal law Attorney Serafano handles include:

DUI Crimes: Donald B. Serafano has handled countless DUI cases in his career, and he has a detailed understanding of the special procedures and evidence that are involved in criminal DUI proceedings and DMV proceedings. Attorney Serafano will work hard to help you keep your license following your DUI arrest.

Domestic Violence Crimes: Allegations related to domestic violence can be very painful on a personal level as well as frightening in terms of the penalties and repercussions that could come from a conviction. Fortunately, you can rely on Attorney Serafano to provide caring attention and personalized defense representation to bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion and allow you to move on with your life as quickly as possible.

Drug Crimes: Since the authorities tend to investigate and prosecute drug crimes very aggressively, it is important to have an aggressive defense attorney working on your behalf. Attorney Serafano will protect your rights every step of the way and fight for a fair resolution to your case. He specializes in keeping nonviolent drug offenders out of jail.

Theft Crimes: California law describes a variety of theft crimes, each of which has its own special nuances. As your defense attorney, Donald B. Serafano will make sure you understand the charges against you and your options for your defense. As an experienced trial attorney and a skilled plea deal negotiator, he can help you resolve your case as beneficially as possible.

Sex Crimes: Having a sex crime conviction on your permanent record and your name in the sex offender registry can create a significant hardship for your future. Donald B. Serafano will fight aggressively to protect you from these harsh consequences, working to get charges dropped or reduced with a plea deal as the facts of your case may merit.

Weapons Charges: California’s gun laws and weapon laws are very confusing, but Attorney Serafano knows them all. Better still, he knows the best way to defend against a given weapons charge. He will create a compelling, personalized defense strategy for you, based on the particulars of your case and your goals for the resolution of your legal matter.

Other Practice Areas: Donald B. Serafano handles a complete range of criminal defense matters, enabling him to provide effective representation and assistance with even the most complicated cases. You can retain Attorney Serafano for cases involving:

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