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What Is Aiding and Abetting Under California Law?

July 10, 2018
It is not a separate crime, but a principle that allows prosecutors to bring criminal charges. The average person likely believes that he or she cannot be charged with or convicted of a crime unless he or she actually commits the crime in question. It seems like a relatively straightforward concept. Yet under California’s aiding…
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What Happens During a California Criminal Arraignment?

June 20, 2018
Arraignment is generally the first court hearing. For most people, the criminal court system is complex and overwhelming. If you have been charged with a crime, you are likely feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Understanding more about the process can help ease some of your anxiety about what will happen next — and help you better…
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How to Get into California Fire Camp from Jail

June 6, 2018
There are strict requirements to participate in fire camp. For inmates who have been convicted of non-violent offenses in California, the state offers an innovative way to not only help in emergencies — but to gain some freedom and reduce the total amount of time served in jail. Fire Camp is a program that is…
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What Is Contempt of Court?

May 21, 2018
This charge can be brought in a number of situations, and can result in separate criminal consequences. If you are a fan of television crime dramas, you have likely heard the phrase “contempt of court.” Perhaps a district attorney or criminal defense attorney was pursuing a particularly aggressive line of questioning, and the judge held…
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